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Doggie Day Care

Our day care program allows your dog to play and socialize in a fun, safe, supervised, and social environment.

​Our large outdoor grounds are equipped for play with custom built dog furniture and play structures, an abundance of premium synthetic K9Grass, lots of trees, 2 salt water doggie pools, decks, roman shades, and over 150’ of high-pressure misters 

For those hot summer days, we have high pressure misting system and roman shades to keep the play yards cool.  We also have an air-conditioned indoor area where the dogs can take a nap if they need a break from play. 


On rainy days our guests have the benefit of a large covered play area, also equipped with the premium synthetic K9Grass. We also have an indoor lounge customized with comfortable doggie couches and designer beds. The lounge is climate controlled, so your pup will be toasty warm on those cold winter mornings or nice and cool on warm summer afternoons.

Our state-of-the-art music system plays your dog’s favorite music throughout the day both indoors and out.

We strive to make sure your pup feels right at home. Whether he’s a social hound that likes to play with other dogs or whether he prefers his solitude, your dog will have a wonderful time at Dog Ranch. Our Doggie Day Care program accommodates pooch personalities of all kinds. Kisses, hugs, and back rubs are always incidental!

In addition to a fun day of playing in the yards with their friends and splashing in the pools you may also request for your pup to indulge in the following extra services.
•    Ball Play (15 min. of individual play time) $10
•    Massage $40 to $50 per session
•    Reiki  $45 per session
Delicious Treats

o    Duck Neck $3
o    Bully Stick $7
o    Pork Chew $3
o    Pig Ear $3
o    CDB Calming Supplement $2/dose


All dogs must be socialized, current on immunizations, fecal/giardia tests, and spayed (females after 9 months old)/neutered (after 6 months old). Please refer to the "First Day Requirements" and "Rules of Play" pages for more information.

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