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Dog Ranch Bed & Biscuit started as a family run company.  When Stephanie first started the business and needed help, her parents came to the rescue.  Her mother answered the phones and helped with client relations and her father set up and helped with the accounting.  Stephanie has always treated this as a family business and every employee is considered part of the “family”.

Stephanie - Owner

Stephanie has lived in Laguna Beach since the age of 5. Animals have always been part of her life but it wasn’t until after graduating from Chapman University with a degree in Accounting and working in the accounting field that she decided to dedicate her life to dogs. Stephanie felt so guilty about leaving her first dog at home while she went to work that she made the decision to leave her job and start a new career in pet sitting.

After having a pet sitting business for 8 years she decided that the dogs would be better served having their own private outdoor dog park at which to play, and so Dog Ranch Bed & Biscuit was born in January 2001. Not only was Dog Ranch the first dog facility in the United States to install synthetic turf in the play yards it was also the first to feature a live camera so that clients could

see their dogs playing in real time. 


She is also very active in the community and strongly supports surrounding animal welfare groups, contributes to local charities, fundraisers events and educates the public on natural remedies and holistic diets. Her passion for her work has made Dog Ranch Bed & Biscuit the successful and thriving business it is today.

Vicky - Manager

Vicky joined the Dog Ranch family in 2008. She was promoted to manager in 2016. In addition to being skilled groomer and training new employees in the intricacies of working with dogs, she handles the office side of running the business.  She enjoys the art of grooming dogs.  It makes her happy to give them that perfect haircut and make them look their best.

She is a single mother who enjoys dancing and outdoor activities like hiking and biking with her son, boyfriend and his daughter.  Her dog, Chikilla, is a rescued pup and she enjoys playing with all the dogs here. Vicky also rescued a cat, Sophia, from the streets in her neighborhood.

Jose - Shuttle Manager and Yard Supervisor

Jose joined the Dog Ranch family in 2016.  He has always had a passion for dogs and his family currently has four dogs.   He enjoys everything about working here which is evident by his never ending smile and the whistling that can be heard as he works.  His passion and joy for the dogs ensures that any dog in his care is getting wonderful care and attention.


When not at work he loves to play soccer, go to the gym, and shop with his wife and spend time with his family. He also loves to go camping with friends and family. He and his wife have a Miniature Pincher named Mocha.

Israel - Property Manager


Israel joined the Dog Ranch family in 2007.  He is the behind the scenes person who keeps Dog Ranch running in top form.  He not only manages the Dog Ranch property, but also the property used in case of evacuation. He not only loves dogs but also the 4 horses, 4 cats and 35 chickens located at the alternate property!


Junior - Assistant Manager

Junior joined the Dog Ranch family in 2019.  His cheerful demeanor and dedication to his job is what really stands out to everyone who meets him.  He loves to play with the dogs and spoil them with extra attention. His pup Chikilla accompanies him to work each day. Her best friend is Rufus and size doesn’t matter to her because she is only a little larger than his head!!


When not at work Junior enjoys going to the beach, hiking and driving around exploring new places with his girlfriend.  They also have a feline daughter, Nova.

Natalie - Yard Supervisor

Natalie joined the Dog Ranch family in 2023.  When asked about what she likes about working with dogs  she responded “what’s not to like”!! For her the dogs are playful, cute, and she likes to see how each dog has their own personality .  She received her Bachelors of science in Animal Sciences at BYU in Idaho.


At home her family has a Golden Retriever named Toby, a Chiweenie named Frankie and a Papion mix named Penny (aka Squirrel).


When not at work she loves listening to music, reading books & spending time with friends and family.

Saul - Assistant Shuttle Driver and Yard Attendant

Saul joined the Dog Ranch family in 2022.  He always has a smile on his face.  His favorite thing about working with the dogs is to see the changes from when the dogs first come in to when they find their place here.  He also likes grooming the dogs to make them look their best!


When not at work he enjoys family gatherings, working out and hiking.

Garyiona - Yard Attendant

Garyiona joined the Dog Ranch family in 2021.  What she most enjoys about her work here is being around the dogs.  And a sentiment she expressed, which I know many people can agree with, is that she loves being around the dogs because they are way cooler than humans!!

When not at work Garyiona likes to go swimming at our local beaches.  She also frequents the “other” happiest place on earth, Disneyland.

Jake - Yard Attendant


Jake joined the Dog Ranch family in 2022.  He is always a cheerful, even-tempered presence in the yard.  For him working with the dogs is a natural therapy that puts a smile on his face every day!


When not at work Jake enjoys going to the gym, playing video games and studying to be a mental health therapist.  He has a German Shepard at home named  Parker.

Jaeden - Yard Attendant

Jaeden joined the Dog Ranch family in 2022.  What he really likes is to see happy dogs and he wants to give them the attention they need! 


When not at work Jaeden likes to spend time with his girlfriend and family.  They like watching movies and going to amusements parks such as Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm.

Linda - Yard Attendant

Linda joined the Dog Ranch family in 2023.  She really enjoys being in the company  of all the dogs and observing all their personalities and different characteristics.


When not at work she enjoys fishing with her husband.  At home she has 3 dogs Duke, Samme and Buddy and a cat, Chloe.

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