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Grooming Spa
Grooming Spa

We want our guests to enjoy their grooming experience. Our facility features premium stainless steel professional grooming tubs, a “hydrosurge pro bathing system”, and the best shampoos and conditioners for a pampered pooch. All baths include ear cleaning and a nail trim. We also offer a variety of treatments to address multiple skin conditions (please see below for a complete list of treatments offered). Our talented groomer knows how to style your dog to make them look their best. Salon services offered are:

•    Puppy cuts
•    Summer shaves
•    Paw and pad trim
•    Sanitary trim (rear &/or underside)
•    De-matting
•    Shed-less treatments
•    Skunk Remedy

We only use products that contain natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, aloe vera, avocado, neem, mint, lanolin, kelp, vitamins A, D, E and more. These ingredients work to stop itching, help dermatitis, moisturize, remove odors, take out stains and yellowing, sooth skin, and rebuild damaged coats. All the shampoos and conditioners are PH balanced, biodegradable and natural.

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