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What makes us different!! 

Because we believe that all animals are entitled to the best care possible, we feature the following to ensure your dogs time here is not only fun, but safe and healthy!


Carbon Filtration – all the water coming into the property is filtered to remove the chloramines which can make the water that is not filtered have a bad taste, odor and causes skin irritation.  All the water that the dogs drink, play in and gets bathed is clean and pure!

High Pressure Mister System – our commercial grade mister system creates a fine mist which can reduce the surrounding temperatures by 30 degrees to keep all the play yards cool on hot days. We have over 300 feet of misters covering 3 play yards!

Roman Shades – While play outside is fun, on those hot days we have shades that cover the play area in 2 yards to help the pups stay cool.

Salt Water Dog Pools – by employing the use of a salt water system we can ensure that the dogs will not be exposed to harmful pool chemicals.

UV Sanitizing Air Purifiers – the use of this technology helps to reduce bacteria, viruses, mold, odors and VOC’s in the indoor areas.

Synthetic Turf – we were the first animal facility in the United States to have synthetic turf installed after realizing the many benefits for the dogs.  In fact, Field Turf (the only provider of synthetic turf at the time) never had an installation this small since they were used to doing installations on football fields!  A new division was created to handle smaller installations like ours. Our play yards now feature K-9 Turf which is specifically designed for dogs!

Internet Cameras – we were also the first facility to have internet cameras.  We realized the importance of being able to check in on your pup so we worked with Canon to have a camera installed here. And we don’t require a password to access our cameras so your friends, family and co-workers can all take part in the fun of watching the dogs play.

Outdoor Play – we believe that getting to play outside in the fresh air and sunshine is important for your pups well-being.  We were the first licensed facility that has outdoor play yards to open in Orange County and the second in Southern California.


Alternative Therapies – our dogs benefit from the same therapies that help us.  That is why we offer massage, reiki and BEMER (microcirculation therapy).

Animal Control Inspections – we have not only passed every yearly inspection since we opened, we set the standard of how facilities should be run and maintained. We feel that it is important for all facilities to follow and maintain the strict standards set forth by the governing animal control agencies in our area.

Evacuation plan – not only do we have an evacuation plan on file with the city, we have a property where we can take the dogs that has everything needed for their wellbeing and safety in case of an emergency.

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